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Vibratory Shoe Rammer

Add WACKER's exclusive WM 90 4-cycle engine to the preferred vibratory rammer design in the industry and you have a winning combination.  The WM 90 engine is specifically designed for rugged rammer applications. These 4-cycle vibratory rammers are designed for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils in confined areas.


Description Price
BS50-2 10" $3,310
BS60-4 11" $4,470
BS70-2i 11" $4,870
Vibratory Plate
  • Designed for compaction in confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches.
  • These plates are ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction.


Description Price
VP1340A $1,990
VP1550A $2,025
Vibratory Roller RD 7H-ES
  • This walk-behind, double drum vibratory roller is capable of performing a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications.
  • The exclusive compact design allows for tight side clearance on both sides of the roller.
  • Plus the totally hydrostatic drive eliminates mechanical components providing for less maintenance and greater reliability.


Description Price
RD7H-ES $20,225

Internal Vibrator Flex-shaft
  • The electrically driven HMS system is extremely versatile.

  • These high frequency flex-shaft internal vibrators can be adapted to every type of application.

  • Heads and shafts can be easily combined and rapidly exchanged to match the right equipment to the job.

  • Unique hybrid heads offer optimum concrete consolidation and movement. WACKER HMS systems provide reliable performance and quality concrete.


Description Price
HMS-1.3hp-6.5 shaft-1"head $837
HMS-2.3hp-13 shaft-1-3/4 head $1,182
HMS 3.1hp-13 shaft-2" head $1,360
Internal Vibrator w/ Inverter
  • Nothing upsets these internal vibrators with integrated inverters because the motor speed remains constant no matter what the properties of the freshly mixed concrete.
  • The result: a job uniformly well done. In addition they prove their worth thanks to their maximum compaction diameter and topmost compaction performance.
  • And all this with safety. Because arising electrical currents which could endanger the operator are switched off so quickly (< 2 ms) by the IRFUN that nothing will happen.
  • And they are obviously also short circuit proof.


Description Price
IRFU30 $1,526
RFU57 $1,951
finishing trowel
Ride-On Trowel
  • WACKER's easy to operate ride-on power trowels offer accurate and highly productive floating and finishing for large concrete surfaces and super flat floors (F#).

  • Plus a unique variable clutch provides proper torque and speed range to match concrete conditions, without mechanical adjustments.


Description Price
CRTv36-26A Trowel 36" $13,500
CRT48-33K Trowel 48" $22,325
finishing trowel
Walk-Behind Trowel
  • Designed and built with the most advanced technology, WACKER's walk-behind trowels offer high quality concrete finishing plus added operator safety.

  • The patent-pending gearbox brake, gyroscopic safety sensor and engine speed limiter provide triple protection for the operator. This unique system minimizes a runaway handle situation and meets worldwide safety requirements.


Description Price
CT36-5A TROWEL 36" $2,545
CT48-8A TROWEL 48" $3,100
Twist Pitch Hndle $ 375
water pump
Centrifugal Water Pump
  • WACKER's PG dewatering pump series has been designed to handle the removal of relatively clean jobsite water.
  • With its self-priming centrifugal pumping action and overall compact size, the pump is ideal for the contractor with the need for temporary water removal.


Description Price
PG2A 2" $519
PT2A 2" $1,411
PT3A 3" $1,721
water pump
Centrifugal Water Pump
  • Lightweight, portable, single phase submersible pumps are designed to handle water and solids.
  • Built for the demands of construction, mining, municipality and farm applications.


Description Price
PST2400 2" $288
PSA2500 2" $456
PST3750 3" $487
Electric Breaker
  • These electric universal breakers can be used, in addition to breaking up and demolition work, for driving in earthing rods as lightning conductors, driving in piles using special hoods, and ramming in probes to obtain soil samples for geological purposes and environmental soil examinations.
  • The telecommunications construction sector, and fencing/tent building companies are also frequent users of this type of equipment


Description Price
EH65 55-lb $2,125
EH27 60-lb $1,764
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