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  Rebar Couplers

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    Zap Screw lock 125% of bar strength
    • ACI 318 Chapter 12 Full Mechanical Splice-Develops in tension or compression, as required, at least 1.25% of the bar, ASTM A615 black deformed Grade 60.
    • Superior to all tension lap splices-independent of surrounding concrete and cover.  Takes up less space than rebar lap. Replaces lap splice A, B or C.
    • Cost-effective-Rebar couplers are quick, easy, rebar splice.
    •  for sizes #4 through #11 in full tension and/or compression applications.
    • As the bolts are tightened, they embed into the rebar and the interior wall of the tube.
    • Screws can be tightened using suitable hand held standard wrenches or pneumatic nut drivers.
    • Field installed the heads of the screws shear off at a prescribed tightened torque.
    Description Price
    Bar Size #4 $44.88
    Bar Size #5 $53.28
    Bar Size #6 $64.40
    Bar Size #7 $79.88
    Bar Size #8 $99.48
    Bar Size #9 $134.48
    Bar Size #10 $153.20
    Bar Size #11 $170.45
    Bar Size #14 $233.63
    Kawasaki 1/2 Electric Impact $119.00

    Epoxy available...call 630-596-9999


    dowel bar subsitute
    Threaded Splicing Systems
    • Retrofit or repair of existing structures
    • Eliminate expensive rebar-welds
    • Extend deck steel to widen bridges
    • Highway patch and repair projects
    • Connect bars across closure pours
    • In reinforced concrete piles and columns



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