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  Rebar Types


Black steel rebar

  • Cheaper

  • Most common rebar in buildings today

  • Excellent where there is no moisture

  • Quite susceptible to rust


Epoxy coated steel rebar
  • More expensive than black steel rebar

  • It has difficulty bonding to concrete

  • Far less susceptible to rust

  • Easily damaged, which could isolate and magnify any corrosion

  • Best used in marine environments such as dock pilings.


Stainless steel rebar
  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Capable of withstanding shipping, handling, bending

  • Can be bought in magnetic or non-magnetic alloy

  • Very expensive


Carbon  fiber rebar (CFRP)
  • Medium density

  • Highest tensile strength

  • Smallest ultimate elongation

  • Semi-conductive (thermal, electrical and RF energy.)

  • 1/5th the weight of standard steel

  • Modulus of elasticity close to steel

  • Impervious to chloride ion and other chemical exposure.


Aramid  fiber rebar (AFRP)
  • Lowest density

  • Very lightweight, 1/6 the weight of standard steel

  • Medium tensile strength

  • Medium ultimate elongation

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Good thermal isolation

  • UV exposure can cause degradation of aramid fibers


Glass fiber rebar (GFRP)

  • Highest density

  • Lowest tensile strength

  • Has the longest ultimate elongation

  • 1/4 the weight of standard steel

  • Non-conductive, non-magnetic

  • Non-corrosive, impervious to chloride ion and chemical exposure.

  • Transparent to magnetic fields or radio frequencies


Basalt Rebar



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