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  Epoxy Repair Products


urethane injection

Polyurethane Injection Leak Repair

  • Polyurethane injection is effective

  • Polyurethane injection is economical

  • Seals cracks in concrete and solid masonry elements.

  • Suitable for sealing dry, wet, seeping and mildly leaking cracks in horizontal and vertical concrete and solid masonry elements ranging from 1/32" - 1/4".

epoxy injection
Epoxy Structural Concrete Repair
  • Lightweight

  • No crane handling required

  • Fast jobsite assembly

  • Plastic column form is waterproof

  • Reusable, stackable, or cut to size

  • Outside storage- will not rust or deteriorate in rain
  • Easy to strip
  • Easy to drill or apply rustication to , without the costly repair charges
  • 8-foot liquid head


  • Gel viscosity epoxy for repair of medium cracks 3/32 " - 1/4 " in width.

  • Decreases in viscosity under pressure for increased flow ability.

  • Suitable for structural repairs


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Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy
  • Low viscosity epoxy for repair of fine to medium width cracks 1/64 " - 1/4 " in width.

  • Low surface tension allows the material to effectively penetrate narrow cracks.
    Suitable for structural repairs


Description Price
1001 Injection med. visc. 20oz. $31.50
LCR Paste QT kit $21.50
1003 Gel Paste cart.20oz. $24.50
1257 Gel Anchor cart.20 oz.[hilti-150=] $24.50
Polyfoam cart.20oz.[where water present] $29.00
104 Foam cart.20 oz. [no water present] $25.99
104 Foam 5 gal kit $399.99
Gun 2 part $99.00
Ports $ .80
Mix Nozel small $1.58
Mix Nozel large $1.58
Nut $ .70
epoxy paste
Epoxy Gel Paste
  • Gel Paste Epoxy is  ideal for pasting over the surface of cracks and attaching ports for pressure injection.

  • Non-sag paste consistency enables paste-up on horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

  • Cure time (24 hour cure at 60F).

  • Fast cure  (2 hour cure at 60F,
    1 hour at 80F).

  • Fast cure epoxy paste packaged in separate cans, to be mixed manually.


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