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  Concrete Chemicals


form release

Strip it Clean

  • Use on B/B and pre-oiled plywood, as well as on aluminum basement forms.

  • Sprays well in winter and summer.

  • Contains diesel oil, it meets federal VOC regulations.

  • Available: 5gal 55gal 275galtote

  • Coverage: 300sf/gal


Description Price

Economy Release 5 gal

Economy Release 55 gal $475.00
Economy Release 275 gal $1,876.00
Citrus Release 55 gal $527.00
25%-VOC C-309 Med. Gloss
  • Clear acrylic copolymer, solvent-based, curing, sealing, hardening and dust-proofing compound for interior and exterior concrete

  • Forms an impervious film that is resistant to the alkali present in fresh cement, and will retain moisture for freshly placed concrete ensuring proper strength development

  • Penetrates the substrate and provides a protective seal on the surface

  • Available: 5gal 55gal

  • Coverage: 1st coat 300sf/gal

  • 2nd coat 400 sf/gal


Description Price
Sealer  25% 5 gal $102.50
Sealer Mer-Brn 25% 5 gal $162.00
Xylene thinner 1 gal $17.50
Sharks grip 1 lb $11.50
Sodium Silicate 18%
  • Cure and harden concrete in one step

  • Protective concrete coating formulated to chemically react with the lime in concrete to form an insoluble silica gel.

  • Protects concrete

  • Water based

  • Easy clean up

  • Available: 5gal 55 gal

  • 300-400 sf


Description Price
Owens Densifier 5 gal $55.00
Owens Densifier 55 gal $418.00
  • Water repellent

  • Penetrating agent for concrete

  • Bond deep and protects against spalling

  • Water based

  • Easy clean up

  • Available: 5gal 55 gal

  • 150-300 sf


Description Price
Surfblock 7.5% 5 gal $125.50
Surfblock 12% 5 gal $178.50
Surface retarder
  • Water based
  • exposes aggregates in freshly placed concrete
  • green color for easy uniform coverage
  • achieve architectural results without sand blasting


Description Price
Aggresol-S 5 gal $42.50
Aggresol-F 1 gal $20.50
Brown Sealer
  • Water repellent
  • UV resistant solvent based acrylic exposed aggregate sealer
  • intended for use on exposed pea gravel aggregate concrete


Description Price
Aggreseal Brown 5 gal $136.00
Sharks grip texture
  • use on damp or inclined areas that tend to get slippery
  • stays well suspended in thin materials such as stains and sealers
  • Slip Resistant Additive is a micronized polymer stirs into most oil-based sealers.


Description Price
Surfgrip 1 lb $11.99
finishing aid
Evaporation control
  • retards moisture evaporation from the concrete surface and acts as a finishing aid for concrete flatwork
  • protects concrete from the effects of excessive moisture loss in rapid drying conditions
  • Prevents plastic shrinkage cracking caused by evaporation in low humidity conditions such as heat and high winds


Description Price
finishing aid 5 gal $31.50
Raw Solvent
  • Superior cleaning capabilities and re-emulsification properties of solvent based coatings
  • Instructions vary due to extensive amount of uses


Description Price
Xylene-xylol 1 gal $18.50
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