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insulation board gold

Extruded Polystyrene Foam

  • CertiFoam 25 SE and SL are rigid extruded polystyrene foam boards suitable for most common residential, commercial, and roofing insulation applications.
  • The closed-cell structure and extruded skins provide superior moisture resistance, high compressive strength, and excellent long term thermal performance.
  • Both meet or exceed ASTM C578-95 Type IV
  • Available in many thicknesses and two sheet sizes.


Description Price
1"x48"x96"1.5lb $16.50
2"x48"x96"1.5lb $29.50
2"x48"x96"2.5lb $32.00
2"x48"x96"4lb $45.00
insulation board pink
Extruded Polystyrene Foam
  • FOAMULAR® rigid foam insulation contains literally hundreds of millions of densely packed air cells.

  • Since air is nature's most effective insulator, the sheer volume of this compressed trapped air gives FOAMULAR insulation exceptional thermal performance

  • FOAMULAR is also "hydrophobic," meaning it's practically impossible for it to be penetrated by moisture.

  • Moisture penetration can cause a permanent loss of R-value, and after repeated penetration the insulation can be practically useless


Description Price
1"x48"x96" sheet 150 $16.50
2"x48"x96" sheet 150 $32.00
insulation board green
Extruded Polystyrene Foam
  • GreenGuard® Insulation Board is Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and features high compressive strength

  • High resistance to moisture absorption and excellent thermal performance.

  • GreenGuard® 2" thick Insulation Board has an R-Value of 10.0. ASTM-C518 Compressive 25 ASTM - D 1621 water absorption 0.1 ASTM-C272

  • GreenGuard® Insulation Board has low water absorption and retains R-Value over time.

  • The 4' x 8' sheet weighs less than 10 pounds. (Also available as 2' x 8'.)

  • Sheets per pallet: 48 (1536 sf)

  • Equal or exceeds blue or pink board


Description Price
1"x48"x96" sheet $16.50
2"x48"x96" sheet $32.00
insulation board blue
Extruded Polystyrene Foam
  • Styrofoam Square Edge (extruded) -

  • This product is often called "blueboard" due to its light blue color.

  • In spite of its relatively modest "R" value (4.92 per inch), Styrofoam SM is our overwhelming recommendation for foam ice box insulation in marine applications.

  • Unlike its expanded cousin (above) and virtually all other foam insulation, Styrofoam "Square Edge" is completely impervious to moisture.

  •  While many other foams start out as better insulators, they inevitably suffer significant decline as they absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

  • This is not the case with Styrofoam SP. Another benefit of its hydrophobic nature is that no "air gap" is required when installing it. This means that more insulation can be packed into a smaller space.

  • It is available in many thicknesses and two sheet sizes.


Description Price
1"x48"x96" sheet $16.50
2"x48"x96" sheet $32.00
insulation board (eps)

Geo Foam Specs

Expanded Polystyrene Foam
  • EPS is a termite resistant insulation for perimeter and under slab applications

  • Stops energy loss at the foundation and slab R-8 for 2"

  • Application of insulation in these areas helps to meet local, state, and national energy codes

  • EPS is stable and has very low moisture gain when used in properly drained designs

  • EPS may also be used on the interior of foundation walls as crawl space insulation

  • Less cost & comparable performance to extruded polystyrene

  • Sheets per pallet: 16 (256sf)


Description Price
2"x24"x96" $8.00
3"x24"x96" $12.00
4"x24"x96" $15.00
4"x12"x96" $7.50
4"x8"x96" $4.88
2"x48"x96"Geofoam $23.99
foam nails
Insulation Board Nails
  • Holds brick ledge foam in place securely during pour

  • Fast installation and stripping

  • Available: 4.5, 5.5 & 6.5" lengths

  • Galvanized

  • Boxed 100 pcs


Size Price
4.5" box $15.50
5.5"box $15.50
6.5"box $15.50
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