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  Basic Tools


tool handles

Can't Break Hickory Tool Handles

  • Appalachian mountain Hickory located in Tennessee is used for wood tool handles.

  •  Manufactured by skilled craftsmen from logs to  a tough  smooth wax coating.

  • Genuine second growth Hickory.

  • Accurate dimensions for proper fit.

  • Designed for maximum hand comfort and control.

  • Available: Maul, Sledge & Pick


Description Price
Sledge Handle 36" $17.95
Pick Handle 36" $17.95
Maul Handle 36" $17.95
Estwing Framing Hammer 22 oz.
  • Estwing, 22 oz. Framing Hammer

  • with Shock Reduction Grip,

  • Smooth Face, #E3-22S

  • Mil Face , #E3-22-SM


Size Price
20oz $34.00
22oz $35.99
28oz. $38.99
Chapin HD Curing Sprayer
  • TRI-POXY® lined steel 

  • Wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning

  • Crush resistant wand (1979)

  • Brass fan spray nozzle for even coverage
    Brass spray handle with "Lock-on" and
    quick release design.

  • Threaded coupling for easy removal

  • VITON™ o-rings and gaskets for
    maximum resistance to chemical attack

  • Hose reinforced with nylon braid and
    vinyl core to resist chemical attack,
    crimping, cracking and leaking

  • In-tank anti-clog filter


Description Price
Sprayer 3.5 gal 1949 $119.00
Wand $6.99
Nozzle $6.99
Soft Parts Replacement $8.99
Fiberglass Handle Shovels
  • contractor grade shovel

  • with ergonomic design for greater comfort

  • less strain.

  • Heat treated tempered blade for long life.

  • Heavy-duty fiberglass handle.


Description Price
DHSP $20.75
DHRP $20.75
LHRP $20.75
LHSP $20.75
wheel barrow
Sterling 5.5 cu.ft. Wheel Barrow
  • Deep, narrow tray design

  • Plus far forward position on undercarriage means EASIER Lifting, Transport, and Discharge.

  • Standard series 530 (5 1/2 cu ft)

  • Select hardwood or heavy duty steel handles.


Description Price
5 cu.ft. $152.00
6 cu.ft. $175.00
7 cu.ft. $203.50

walking groover

Haivala 10x10

  • This exceptional groover gives a slick, even finish.

  • The heavy gauge stainless steel construction assures long service life.

  • Cast magnesium handle bracket riveted in place.

  • Special order-to your blue print...call

Description Price
HG4101 1/4 Radius x 1/2 Groove $99.00
HG4102 3/8 Radius x 1/2 Groove $99.00
HG4103 1/2 Radius x 3/4 Groove $99.00
HG4104 3/4 Radius x 7/8 Groove $99.00
hand float
Haivala cast magnesium float
  • This cast magnesium float feels like you have been using it forever.

  • Light weight and fine balance

  • Surface is ground for best results possible.


Description Price
HF16 16"x3.25" 20oz. $25.00
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