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  Work area protection


silt fence

Contractors Grade Silt Fence

  • Stakes spaced every 10' (10' centers)
    1 1/2" x 1 1/2" hardwood stakes (nominal)


Description Price
2'X100X $19.99
3'X100' $27.99
3'X100'DOT $59.99
safety fence
Construction/Security Fence
  • Safe, smooth, and attractive construction and/or security fence.

  • Its diamond mesh ensures aesthetic appeal, while smooth top and bottom borders make it less likely to cut and scrape adjacent materials during construction.

  • Use where safety is a top priority!

  • Available 4'x50'

Description Price
4'x100' lightweight 'Warning' $25.50
4'x100' medium weight 'Safety' $43.50
4'x100' heavy duty 'Barricade' $61.50
snow fence
Wood Snow and Sand Fence
  • Five strands of 14-gauge twisted wire

  • 3/8" x 1-1/2" natural wood slats

  • Wood lathe slatted fence is ideal for snow and sand control.

  • Available only in 4 ft. by 50 ft. rolls.


Description Price
4'x50' $75.00
Woven geotextile
  • Woven geotextiles are generally preferred for applications where high strength properties are needed, but where filtration requirements are less critical and planar flow is not a consideration.

  • Under heavy traffic and construction loads, woven geotextiles reduce localized shear failure in weak subsoil conditions, improving construction over soft subsoil and providing access to remote areas through separation


Description Price
12.5'x432' $432
  • Non-woven geotextiles are needle-punched, continuous filament engineering fabrics capable of providing  water flow in addition to their soil stabilization and separation functions.

  • Typical applications include access roads, aggregate drains, asphalt pavement overlays, and erosion control.


Description Price
4'x1500' $47.50
6'x100' $79.50
12.5'x360' $360.00

Burlap jute
  • The properties of burlap make it widely used throughout the world. It has significant strength both in tensile and tear resistance with excellent wear capabilities.

  • It will endure repeated cycling between wet and dry with minimum loss of strength making it a versatile fabric. It is available in a variety of widths and weights  laminated to poly film and treating to resist the environment


Description Price
Burlap 7.5oz 6'X300' $179
Burlap 10oz 6'x300' $249
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